Friday, May 12, 2006

Congratulations To Jessica Dillon and To The Karns Softball team

This from the knoxnews website. Congratulations to Jessica Dillon the daughter of my good friends David and Donna Dillon. Jessica has great athletic ability and last night it shined as the Karns Girls Softball team faced Central at Powell.

Dillon's inside-the-park grand slam in the bottom of the third inning helped pace the Lady Beavers to a 10-2 victory. "I just went to bat and I thought about what my coach tells me," said Dillon, a junior. "Focus, slap hard, bunt soft. I just kept my eye on the ball and concentrated and just hit it." Dillon also said: "I felt like we played hard and we came together as a team during the district. We played very good together." This is a great teamwork attitude for this young woman.

Congratulations also to the Karns head coach "As a rookie head coach, it was a dream," Karns coach Shannon Holt said of the win. "It was a goal that we set at the beginning of the season, and each day at practice we would say 'let's get one step closer to the dream.' "One goal down. Three more to go."

Karns High Athletic Director Amy Walker can be credited with putting together a multi-sport successful program, in a very short time. The football team had their best year ever, under the direction of Head Coach John Fulkerson. And now the first year with Shannon Holt the Karns Softball team is looking good. Here's to the rest of the playoffs, for the Karns Softball team.

Congratulations, Karns.

I will always pull for Karns except, if and when they play Farragut.

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