Friday, March 31, 2006

Term Limits

Today, What a day. Herb Moncier appeared in Chancery Court attempting to take the Deselm case and linking the Term Limits to Sheriff Tim Hutchison, it was announced that the Deselm case has been consolidated with Gray. Gray being Jim Gray, head of the Knox County Democrat Party. I don't know if his involvement is as an individual Jim Gray or if the KDP is the party. I expect that will come out eventually.

The Knox County Election Commission met to leave the ballot as is. The can not by state law effect the ballot with the 40 day election day window. It now appears that the local parties will meet individually to select nominees for those seats where the 6 are unopposed in their primaries and the other 6 are re-elected.

Selection of candidates in a district convention is not unprecedented. In the early 1990's the Eighth District Republican Executive Committee held a convention to select Mike McMillian to be the party's nominee to be placed on the general election ballot due to the untimely death of Commissioner Joe McMillian, Mike's father. Two years ago the Ninth Commission district Republican Executive committee met to select their nominee due to the untimely death of Commissioner Howard Pinkston, the chose Commissioner Paul Pinkston.

This type of convention has been held county-wide, in the '90's when the Criminal Court Judge Jimmy Duncan went to take his fathers place in the U.S. Congress. The Knox County Republican Party held a county convention at Bearden Middle School to select our Republican nominee Randy Reagan. The Democrats chose the current Knox County Attorney General Randy Nichols to be their nominee for Criminal Court Judge.


Steve Mule said...

Mr. Hornback,
It soundls like the KNox Repubs are having hot/confusing time adjusting to this. If it makes feel better please know that the Knox Dems are having the same amount of "fun" it seems that you all are! It's shaping up to be a fun summer.

Brian Hornback said...


We are not hot nor confused. We are shocked over the timing of the decision, however,

This is nothing new for us. I participated in a commission district convention in the early 1990's when Mike McMillan and a local realtor were nominated in a commission district convention and Commissioner McMillian was selected.

I witnessed the commission district convention two years ago when Commissioner Pinkston was selected to be placed on the general election ballot due to the untimely death of Commissioner Howard Pinkston.

I participated in a similar couty-wide convention in the late 1980's when the party selected a candidate was selected to be placed on the General election ballot for Knox County Criminal Court Judge.

This is the reason that a person with some years of history and experience is neccesary for the position of party chairman.

It is in times like these, that the Republican party demonstrates why it is the majority party. We apppreciate the service of each and everyone of the term limited commissioners, in the event that they are ineligible to serve and unable to appear on the General Election balot, we will work with them and all the communities of Knox County to be a stronger, more dominate party than ever before.

The conventions to select General election candidates, if neccesary will be professional and a seamless transition.

Thank you for your concern, our Republican party is in good hands with all of its leadership. 12 committed individuals (County Executive leadership) along with all of our precinct leadership.