Friday, February 19, 2010

Bill Haslam TV Ad Critique II

Our first critique of Bill Haslam's first TV ad that we offered, we focused on the use of the umbrella. This critique focuses on his employment at Pilot. Pilot is a large corporation that sells gasoline and diesel fuel for trucks. They sell decent coffee, bad hot dogs and hamburgers. But any way it didn't go unnoticed to us at Brian's Blog that the old Pilot sign was used in the ad. The sign that said "Gas for Less." That may have been true before 2008. But in 2008 Pilot Travel Centers LLC (corporate paper filings in Delaware) led the nation in gas price gouging. An activity that led them to pay large fines to states in which they operate fueling centers.

Let's review, in the State of Georgia it is reported that Pilot paid $280,00 in restitution and fines for gas gouging. In the State of Kentucky the Knoxville News Sentinel reported on 1/22/2009 that Pilot paid $107,500.00 in restitution and fines. In the State of Tennessee (where Bill wants to be the State CEO) it was reported in the Knoxville News-Sentinel that Pilot paid $113,400.00 in restitution and fines. In further research we discovered that in the State of California Pilot was fined $7.5 million dollars for failure to adequately store hazardous material. $1.0 million of the fine was suspended and $1.5 million was credited. Additionally, we have discovered a $125,000.00 fine to Pilot in the State of Texas by the FCC for "non certified CB transceivers being displayed and offered for sale"

This also leads to the question is Bill Haslam refusing to release his income to shield the bonus and/or increase in his salary during the 2008 year? Come on Bill, you can do what's right.

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Scott said...

This ad nails it. I classicist when it comes to TV. I want to see the Accepted Consumer Belief, the benefit, and the Reason to Believe. This ad is truly RTB driven, and does it in a powerful way. I'll be interested to see how Ingram and crew build on it for the next spot. Going out early was a brilliant move for the counties where Bill's awareness numbers are low.