Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Knox County Commission August 5, 2010 Contested Election

In Knox County's Second district Democrat County Commissioner Democrat Amy Broyles faces Independent Don Daugherty. This will be interesting race. Locally the relatively small Knox County Democrat Party is split 500 ways to Sunday and if the Hillary Clinton Democrats in the Second district and all the Republicans vote for Don Daugherty. Then Amy Broyles is done. A political Independent serving on Knox County Commission would be a first in Knox County history.

In Knox County's Fourth district Democrat County Commissioner Finbarr Saunders faces well connected Republican Jeff Ownby. The fourth district is a fairly strong Republican district. Ownby has been very active in the Knox County Republican Party's grassroots organization for many years. Saunders will have to account for his very liberal leanings. We like Ownby in this one.

In Knox County's Seventh district the winner of the Carringer, Smith & Williams May 4 Republican primary will face Independent Steve Rogers. Rogers a local business owner could be the winner of picking up the discontent from the two unsuccessful challengers and may very well join Don Daugherty as the second Independent on the County Commission. A political Independent serving on Knox County would be a first in Knox County history.

Knox County Commission At Large Seat 10 Republican County Commissioner Mike Hammond faces Democrat Eddie Evans. Evans is a 41 year career educator, currently serving at Holston Middle School as a Social Studies teacher. He formerly coached at Seymour, Christenberry and the old Holston High School. He is a native of Knoxville, a graduate of Fulton High School and the University of Tennessee. He and his wife have three children. They are active members of the Church of the Good Shepherd in Ftn. City. He is more of a populist Democrat than one of the traditional national model of Democrats. His social policies are fairly Conservative while he looks for fairness and ability in Republicans and Independents. We will post more from our interview with Evans as the campaign progresses. Hammond of course is the General Operations Manager of Citadel Broadcasting Knoxville operation.

Knox County Commission At Large Seat 11 the winner of the Armstrong/Shouse Republican contest will face Independent Franklyn Moneyhun. At this point we do not have information on Moneyhun.


Anonymous said...

so your dislike of hammond has you backing a democrat?

Brian Hornback said...

No you ignorant doofus. My blog has not endorsed anyone. I am not supporting anyone in this case Evans or Hammond. Everyone knows soundbite Mike's background and his record No one knows Mr. Evans. This blog is a public information tool. If you would concentrate more closely and quit your day job of being a tool for McElroy, Clark and the other doofus in town you would see it