Thursday, February 04, 2010

Burchett Will Sell the AJ Building and Send Central Office to a Leaking Building

Sources in attendance at the Concord-Farragut Republican Club meeting tonight report that Knox County Mayor candidate Tim Burchett said that Knox County has a valuable piece of property in downtown Knoxville. Burchett pledged that if elected he will sell the building. (Burchett did not name the building) But he went on to say, if they can put kids in leaking building then those bureaucrats can be moved into a leaking old school. I am tired of their wasteful spending.


Anonymous said...

That confirms Burchett is Ragsdale's boy. That is an old plan to turn the AJ into condos for Rag's pals. He's moving up from road kill to lobster. You can also bet Dwight Van de Vate will be the roadkill mouthpiece. And Betty Bean will work under Dwight. Rag's goes to PBA and Arms to the TDC. If this was tv the name of the show would be All in the Family. They'll be building libraries and schools all over Knox County for their pals.

Anonymous said...

Don't think the school board will want to trade being in the Andrew Johnson building for Rule High School.