Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bill Haslam TV Ad Critique III

Our first critique was about the use of the umbrella, our second critique was about the gas4less and the 2008 gas gouging fines. Now, our third critique centers on a boast in the TV ad. It states that the Knoxville Mayor as President of Pilot created 11,000 new jobs. Now it doesn't state where those jobs were. Since he is running for Governor of TN, he is surely stating that he created 11,000 new jobs in TN. We do not believe that number to be accurate. In addition, what kind of jobs were they? We assume they were minimum wage or slightly better than minimum wage positions as cashier, stock clerk or coffee bar clerk. Is that the type of jobs we want in TN?

At Brian's Blog we believe that the leadership experience of Zach Wamp in bringing Volkswagen to TN where the jobs are real sustaining jobs are better than the jobs that Haslam boasts of.

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Anonymous said...

If they weren't good jobs, why would people have two or three of them?