Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bill "Mary Poppins" Haslam TV Ad

Have you seen the first Bill Haslam TV commercial that began airing on Friday. We at Brian's Blog have termed it the "Mary Poppins" ad. You see Bill Haslam is out of touch with everyday TN citizens.

Let us review TN's elective history. Our United States Senator Lamar Alexander in running for Governor in 1978, set out walking across our state. He walked over 1,000 miles. In his walk he encountered rain, sleet, snow and all weather conditions and not one time did Lamar Alexander use an umbrella. Let us fast forward to 1994, Fred Thompson climbed in a red pickup truck and drove across our state and ultimately drove that red truck to Washington, DC not one time did he use an umbrella.

But now the Country Club, Blue Blood Haslam he can't walk down a wet street with the sunshine without his umbrella. So, ladies and gentlemen welcome to the 2010 TN Governors race and meet the first ad, the "Mary Poppins" ad.

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