Tuesday, July 10, 2007

First Baptist Church Concord Grows

WBIR reported last night that there would be a community meeting in Farragut for the First Baptist Church Concord Master Plan to be discussed with the citizens of Farragut. I attended the meeting as a member of Knoxville's media (blogger) and asked a question or two and responded to one question that was directed at me personally by Jeanne Brykalski.

For additional clarification, I am a member of First Baptist Church, Concord. My family and I have been members since 1993. My family and I have been residents of Southwest Knox County since 1992. I am a native Knox Countian (I attended Knox County Schools from second grade until graduation from high school and my children attend the Knox County public schools) and my extended family are native Knox County residents as well. Over the years I have become tired of the unrelenting trash talking in the media and community about the church. The recent trash talking generated by the church neighbors can be found here. It is disgraceful, unprofessional and not Christ like. But I digress and will now get back on the story.

When I arrived it was obvious that this was not the kind of meeting that WBIR reported it to be. The sign greeting those attending said Derby Chase HOA meeting. Derby Chase is a subdivision in Farragut. Everyone signed in, including myself.

Many in attendance that spoke were not residents of Derby Chase. All of the citizens that are not resident's of Derby Chase probably should have been excused from the meeting. However, the President of the Derby Chase Home Owners Association was kind enough not to kick the BelleAire Drive residents and others out.

I will be posting many different posts on this issue over the next few days and potentially weeks.

But first let's discuss the History of First Baptist Church, Concord.

The church started in the historic community of Old Concord. Old Concord is on the lake off of Concord Road near the intersection of Northshore Drive and Concord Road.

The church in about 1958 purchased the property that is now at the corner of Kingston Pike and BelleAire Drive. The original "First" church was built and occupied by the church in about 1962. That building is still standing on the current church property.

The Town of Farragut was incorporated in 1980. Needless to say the government of Farragut and many if not all of the neighboring residences and homes were not constructed prior to 1958. So, any homes or homeowners that built or purchased homes after 1958 were aware that they purchased or built homes near a growing and thriving church.

Granted the church growth was slower in some years than others but just in the time that I have been a member the growth experienced has been faster within the past 5 years than previous years.

Two immediate examples of churches in West Knox County that are growing without the neighbor trash talking are Cokesbury United Methodist Church that has doubled or tripled their size in recent years. Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church that has doubled or tripled their size over the years.

I will be posting additional posts addressing some of the questions / issues that were raised tonight.

Please understand that my responses are the responses of Brian's Blog and primarily Brian Hornback. They are not the comments of First Baptist Church, Concord or the leadership of the church.

You are free to make any comments that you wish to make. However, unlike WBIR your comments will only be published if your comments adhere to the Rules of Engagement for Commenting that are posted on the front page of Brian's Blog.


Anonymous said...

You need to get the facts before you make your comments. As to the residents of adjoining neighborhoods attending the meeting, all were invited by the Derby Chase Homeowners Association. If, as a member of the "media", you had asked the president of Derby Chase you would have known this.

Brian Hornback said...

I did not have to ask the President of Derby Chase he was very apologitic for the mob scene of the non-Derby Chase residents.

He was upset at the arrogance and ignorance of the other neighbor residents,Derby Chase residents excluded.

Derby Chase got a win-win and FBC will now receive the plan that is God ordained.

Anonymous said...

My house was built in 1948, one room was added on during the 50's. I own the house, my parents which are elderly still live there. Its one of the original houses built before the church. The church has purchased all the property around my house with the premise of housing missionary families. In reality we now know what the actual reason was and is. Residences were mislead. In regard to your comment "any homes or homeowners that built or purchased homes after 1958 were aware that they purchased or built homes near a growing and thriving church". I seriously doubt any residences would deny a church, any church from expanding. However; expaning and adding softball fields, parking lots, lights, speakers, auditoriums, etc...is much more than a simple expansion of a church. This is a business, a mega-church. At least thats what it appears to me at this point. Whoever has the most money wins, a sad commentary on this subject, however unfortunately true. Hopefully its not over yet. I have yet been able to attend any meetings since I am on active duty with the Marines. Lastly the term "trash talking" puts others immediatly on the defensive. I also go to church, I too am married, and have children. I hope to set a good example for them all. Sometimes winning is not all there is.
Brian Tobler