Tuesday, July 10, 2007

First Baptist Church Concord Grows Addendum I

First a major concern at tonight's meeting is declining property values because their homes or property are beside a Church or Church recreational facilities.

Let us first look at Cedar Bluff Subdivision. Homes in the Cedar Bluff Subdivision are next door, directly next door to the recreational fields and to Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church and those property values have not declined.

Let us look at developments along Northshore Drive. Montgomery Cove is within a stone's throw of The Cove at Concord Park, Farragut Baseball, Inc ball fields and Cherokee Park. There are residential developments being constructed closer to The Cove at Concord Park than Montgomery Cove.

Then the subdivision's Eagle Glen, Westshore and Northshore Cove are located in close proximity to the Junior Golf Course and The Concord Point Park.

Then the subdivisions of River Sound, The Cove at River Sound, River Crest, Wexford at Lake Loudon, Bunker Hill, Windermere, Lake Ridge all are located in close proximity to the Carl Cowan Park which was constructed in the 1950's during the days of segregation. It was built as a park for the black citizens. Today, it has some of the highest citizen usage of any Knox County park.

Then in the Town of Farragut how about the subdivisions that have been built in the last few years along Turkey Creek Road with the Farragut Anchor Park.

All of the properties in the Subdivisions that we have identified have not had property value declines. The properties in these subdivisions have had the exact opposite results their property value has increased significantly.

There will be additional addendum's addressing more of the questions / issues that were raised tonight.

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JBurnett said...

Who can blame them. Have you seen the areas around all of the Six Flags?

Brian Hornback said...

A church on Wednesday and Sunday. With minimal traffic for the school Monday - Friday is a bit different than an amusement park that is open everyday for 12-15 hours a day.

Who came first FBC in 1958 or homes built 20 years ago. They knew what they were doing when they built or bought near First Baptist Church, Concord.