Friday, July 20, 2007

Phillip Norman Bredesen Awards The InCompetent One In His Adminstration

A day behind on this story. But here goes.

Well, there was much laughing when Mayor Ragsdale indicated that his Director's and Executive Staff were making under private sector salaries. I would agree that it is the private sector's business to reward based on their profits and I would agree that when you work in the government that you should not expect to get rich and should not expect BIG raises.

But, no hue and cry when the liberals favorite Governor, Prince Phillip of Nashville makes the same argument. Prince Phillip justified the raises by saying "the new rates make their compensation “a little more reasonable.” But instead of a few thousand dollars Prince Phillip of Nashville shells out millions in recurring taxpayer dollars.

The biggest joke is the 62.63% increase for Lana "Schools are Worse on My Watch" Seivers. Seivers should donate the additional $69,336 per year that she obtained from you and me to fund a teacher or two. The Public Education System in Tennessee has gotten worse since she became Tennessee Commissioner of Education.

If anybody thinks that Lana Seivers can make $180,000.00 a year in the private sector. Then Lakeshore has a bed for you tonight.

Prince Phillip of Nashville should have campaigned on raising the salaries on the incompetent ones during the campaign.

This is NO different than when Governor Don Sundquist kept quiet about a State Income Tax until he was back in office.

All of you liberals made fun of our Jim Bryson campaign talking about our BIG vision and a BIG Heart. Well, now we know that the only thing that Prince Phillip of Nashville does is reward incompetence in a BIG, BIG way.


Anonymous said...

What evidence do you have to support your comments concerning education in Tennessee under Lana Seivers? Statistics I have seen show long-term improvement under this administration even though they are burdened with the "No Child Left Behind" fiasco mandated from Washington.

Brian Hornback said...

It is based on Tennessee's ranking among the 50 states. During this Governor's term Tennessee has dropped among the nation.

Prince Phillip had to answer the charge during his re-election campaign.

Anonymous said...

So if a state drops does that imply that it has gotten worse or could it be that it is still doing a good job and other states have improved? You know as well as I do that statistics can be manipulated to support any point someone wants to make.

Brian Hornback said...

It could mean both. Both are reasons why Lana Seviers is NOT worthy of a raise. First, if we have gotten worse and dropped. She is not the right leader. Second, if other states have improved and we have dropped while they have surpassed us. She is not the right leader.

If in Education, we as a state are slipping then Seviers is not worthy of a massive pay increase. A pay increase would only be worthy if we were exceeding expectations. Status quo is not the expectation.

She should resign and allow Prince Phillip of Nashville to select someone that our children deserve.