Thursday, July 05, 2007

Big Brother “Expect the Unexpected” 8

My favorite reality television series is the annual Big Brother shows. Tonight was the beginning of Big Brother 8. The only summer show that I watch regularly.

This years series feature enemies. A father and his estranged daughter, a gay boyfriend couple who broke up and one turned all the mutual friends against the other and two females that were friends in high school and haven’t spoken to one another since.

The Cast of Characters are

Carol - a Student 21 years old
Amber – a Cocktail Waitress 27 years old
Mike - a Painting Contractor
Daniele – a Waitress 20 years old, although she told her house guests that she is 21.
Jameka – a School Counselor
Nick – a Former Pro Football Player
Kail - a Real estate/Business Owner, 38 years old and mother of three teenagers.
Zach – a Graphic Designer
Jen – a Nanny
Eric – a Talent Management Associate 27 years old.
Joe – a Receptionist
The three "Enemy House Guests" are:

Dustin - the former boyfriend of Joe the receptionist.
Jessica - the former high school friend of Carol.
Jake “Evil Dick”- the estranged father of Danielle. She has refused to talk to her father in 2 years.

The first Head of Household competition was held and first eliminated was the team of Carol/Amber. Then the team of Jen/Zach were eliminated. Then the team of Daniele/Mike were eliminated. Then the team of Joe/Jameka were eliminated. Leaving the team of Kail/Eric as winners of HOH contest. Dustin, Jessica and Jake were given the option of choosing the HOH and Kail became the first HOH.

And then to the shock and awe of the house guests the three enemies were brought into the house. Joe would not shake Dustin's hand. Daniele cried and went into the other room as her announced that he was her dad and she hadn't spoke to him in two years and Carol just tried to ignore that Jessica was there.

I have already decided that I do not like Joe. Dustin has more class and dignity than Joe and now I know why that relationship didn’t last.

It was announced that Eric is America’s Player he will be recognizing the blogosphere. At the conclusion of every episode America can give give Eric direction and he will have to complete it. For every 5 tasks that he completes he will be awarded $10,000.00 The House guests have no idea.

This will be a fun summer, 3 hours a week. The next installment will be Sunday 8 pm on the CBS affiliate.


Jake Mabe said...

Hornback: Why do you watch this crap?

Brian Hornback said...

Alot of times it is better than reading tabloids. LOL