Monday, July 30, 2007

Knox County Confidential Part III

Have you seen this photo on the front page of today's News-Sentinel. It was taken by J. Miles Cary and was taken at the Commission meeting on 1/31/2007. If you will look in the left hand corner of the photograph. Hubert Smith is sitting at the media table and looking at him from behind his back is the former Juvenile Court Clerk Supervisor Sharon Cawood.

Sharon was the Supervisor and Hubert was an employee of the Juvenile Court Clerk's office at the time. Hubert always ensured that he took time off to cover such events. Making sure the taxpayers were not funding his task of covering local politics for his radio talk show.

This would have been just before she became the Commissioner to replace her husband, the Commissioner at the time. Who was at the time and is currently the bailiff.

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