Monday, July 16, 2007

Tonight's Dateline NBC on The Deadly Love Triangle

Tonight Dateline NBC spent one hour 10 pm - 11 pm on WBIR with an in depth story on the Erin McLean/Sean Powell/Eric McLean Deadly Triangle.

Erin was represented by a Nashville Attorney with the last name Blackburn. She did not appear in the story at all.

Eric McLean's previous interview with Matt Lauer and an additional interview appeared in tonight's story.

The McLean's was a complicated marriage and many questions were answered during this prime time hour news program.
Eric in talking about Erin and their marriage said. "Seems like I have been in love with someone that didn't even exist anyway"

The truly sad part is that a father that all interviewed for the story said that he loved and cared for his sons. He has since lost constant time with his two son's.
Truly a sad story.

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