Tuesday, July 03, 2007

United States Senator John Sidney McCain, III

Drudge reported yesterday. Brian's Blog confirmed last evening that it appears the McCain wheels are coming off their campaign wagon. With a reported $2.0 million dollars remaining and Fred Dalton Thompson set to announce this summer the McCain candidacy is coming to a close.

This is sad because I supported McCain in 2000 and during the winter had desired to see him as the nominee in 2008. Then he began participating in debates and making some bizarre statements. Then the immigration bill comes along and now the campaign appears to be headed to a conclusion.

If he is unable to recover it is a sad end for a true American Hero.

The photo was taken in November 2006 by R.Neal of KnoxViews as McCain stumped for Senator Bob Corker in Knoxville. Thank you to R. Neal.

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