Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Question. Is It Nepotism or Cronyism?

O.k., if you can believe something/anything that is printed in the E.W. Scripps weekly newspaper. You know the publication. The one that prides itself on printing lies.

So, if this is correct. "Cathy Quist confirmed that Smith’s position had been cut. She also said Cawood will be transferred to the General Sessions Court downtown."

Let's assume that it is.

Then when Cathy Quist moved Sharon Cawood the day after our blog post. She moved Sharon to General Sessions Court downtown. Sharon's husband former Commissioner Mark Cawood is a bailiff at the City County Building downtown.

That puts Sharon and Mark in the same building during the day.

So the question. Is Cathy's move of Sharon being closer to Mark a move of nepotism or cronyism?

With the move of Sharon to another office in the Clerk's operation. Thanks for the confirmation.

This post is intended as Humor. If you can not find humor in it. Then read another post or maybe another blog.

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