Monday, July 02, 2007

NEA Annual Conference / Convention

Today marked the first full day of the NEA (National Education Association) Convention in Philadelphia, PA. You ask. Why would I care?

I do not care for the liberal views of the NEA as an organization. However, I do like several educators that are members and leaders with the Knox County and Sevier County organization.

This morning they heard from the spouse of President Bill Clinton, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. She was warmly received as was expected as she appeared to be the anointed one for the liberal organization. They also have heard from former North Carolina Senator Johnny Reid "John" Edwards. He made an impact that surprised many in attendance as he announced that he and Elizabeth are educating their children in the public education system and he unveiled his University for everybody plan. They will hear from Senator Christopher John Dodd, Joseph Robinette "Joe" Biden, New Mexico Governor William Blaine "Bill" Richardson III, Congressman Dennis John Kucinich, basically all the Demo candidates. Thursday morning they will hear from Barack Hussein Obama.

The only announced Republican candidate that appears to have the intestinal fortitude to have scheduled an appearance at this point is former Arkansas Governor Michael Dale "Mike" Huckabee.

If the Democrats truly desire to give the Republicans a run for our money than Senator Edwards is their best shot. I realize that the Demo’s are not smart enough to recognize that. So, the Democrats will select either President Clinton’s wife, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton or Barrack Hussein Obama thus giving the Republicans the White House again.

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