Friday, July 20, 2007

The Next County Investigation?

UPDATE: There are some new developments in regards to this story that will be posted within the next 12 - 24 hours. However, I would like to share with you the hypocrisy of Commissioner Sharon Cawood. This KNS story in the Tuesday 7/17/07 edition reports discussion about Commissioners taking issue with former Mayor employee Bone being the only person named in an upcoming County Commission resolution. Commissioner Sharon Cawood said “Others that have resigned need to be named,” Commissioner Sharon Cawood said.

With this original blog post it reveals the hypocrisy of Commissioner Sharon Cawood and that she should have learned some time ago that those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Every county employee is expected and does attend to their duties 37.5 - 40 hours or more a week, refrains from two - three hour lunches and extended afternoon shopping trips unless they are a Supervisor and an appointed County Commissioner to the seat that the Tennessee Supreme Court picked up and dumped your husband out of.

Original Post 7/17/07 4:52 PM - My sources tell me that the next Knox County Investigation will involve County employees and the time they spend on their job.

My sources tell me that a review of time sheets and entry/exit swipes at all county facilities has already been launched. Most all doors entering and exiting county owned facilities have a card swipe system. It will say that X employee entered the building at X time and how many times they entered the building during the day.

Multiple sources have indicated that one example is Commissioner Sharon Cawood a Supervisor at the Juvenile Court Clerk's office. She has rarely worked an entire day since she was hired in December 2006 (less than 30 days before she was appointed to her husband's County Commission seat) According to the sources, Cawood also takes extended lunch breaks. Cawood was not promoted to this position within the Clerk's office, she was hired off the street as a Supervisor.

Questions are arising as to how much comp time or vacation time could she have accumulated during her brief stint with the clerk's office. My sources also indicate that there are Knox County employees drawing a check that have not checked in to the office they are assigned to in several years.


Anonymous said...

Keep on this story Brian!

Brian Hornback said...

I will. I have multiple sources that have confirmed the story,

Thus far the scan swipes, time records will all speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...

I have NO doubt this is a problem that should be cleand up.

The Rep.

Rick Forman said...

One of the TV news mags did a story about this common occurrence across the country.

They followed a judge for a week and found they were on the job about 20% of the time yet drew a full salary.

When confronted the judge denied it even when shown the video of extended lunches, late arrivals, early departures and impromptu afternoon shopping trips.

What prompted the investigation was the backlog of the court cases.

Don't expect any results from an investigation. They would have to fall on their own swords.

Brian Hornback said...

That might be so for an elected judge.

However, Sharon Cawood is an employee of the elected Clerk. Her position is a Supervisor. My understanding is that she supervises some 14 - 15 people. She would have grounds to make a request of the elected Clerk to have someone terminated that did not work a full week in 6 months.

You mentioned impromptu afternoon shopping trips. My sources have confirmed that Sharon has participated in those as well.

Stay tuned.

Scott Emge said...


Thank you for your reporting on this issue. Please keep up the good work. You mentioned that "Multiple sources have indicated that one example is Commissioner Sharon Cawood". Do you have any info on any of the other appointed cronies from Janary 31st?

Anonymous said...

Does Sharon Cawood drive a County/Citizens' owned car?

The use and abuse of County/Citzens vehicles needs to be looked into. How many so-called public servants are driving these vehicles? Private business would soon go bankrupt if they provided the perks we are forced to provide to these employees.

Brian Hornback said...

I am fairly confident that she drives her own personal car.

It would be interesting to check and see if she received mileage re-imbursement for all those trips to and from the city county building with all those multiple files.