Sunday, July 29, 2007

First Baptist Church Concord Grows Addendum II

First this post. Then this post.

I was out of town this week when the Farragut Community Information Meeting was held. It would appear that members of the community surrounding First Baptist Church, Concord believe that they can influence the Church's decision on the growth and on the design of the new buildings.

That will NOT be the case.

First Baptist Church, Concord currently owns all the property it needs for Phase I and II of its expansion. First Baptist Church, Concord will abide by the regulations for construction of new buildings and renovations of existing buildings (we have in the past, as well).

There is such a thing as Private Property Owner Rights. As members of First Baptist Church, Concord we are the private property owners of this property and we have a right in the Town of Farragut and Knox County to build and expand our facilities as long as we comply with all the rules and regulations that are in place at the time of our permit request.

We the members of First Baptist Church, Concord pay property taxes on our homes and property and have a right to be represented by our Town Mayor, Town Aldermen and Alderwoman. By our County Commissioners and County Mayor.

First Baptist Church, Concord receives no special treatment from our community leaders. Our church pays for Fire and Ambulance service, we pay for trash collection, we pay for the police officers to direct traffic (in order to protect our church members and the non church members, traveling by our church.) The church pays its way in this society.

So, while the church is bending over backwards to inform the community of our plans. Do not expect that we will change the plans just because you do not like a "mega-church" . As a church we have rights and protection and are living within the rules and regulations established.

Please understand that my comments are the views and expressions of Brian's Blog and primarily Brian Hornback. They are not the comments of First Baptist Church, Concord or the leadership of the church.

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James Calloway said...

Brian .. Do I even have to point out that the above makes you sound like a complete jackass ?

Brian Hornback said...


I have been called worse.

God loves you and has a plan for you. God Bless.