Friday, April 11, 2008

NC 11th Congressional District Republican Primary

Two years ago, Democrat Heath Shuler defeated incumbent Republican Congressman Charles Taylor. Shuler promised to be a new democrat, as soon as he got there, he climbed in with the Latte Liberal from the San Francisco bay.

This is the year, to return the 11th Congressional district of North Carolina back to Republican values. While either of the three candidates will do a better job for Western North Carolina than the current occupant of the seat. I am impressed with Dr. Carl Mumpower, he is an Independent Republican and one that has a record of standing on principle and not wavering from what he says from one venue to another. Col. Spence Campbell can provide some real leadership in regards to our military, No Retreat, No Defeat. and then there is John Armor, Esquire a candidate that appears to bring a constitutional approach.

It will be great to see who the Republicans of the 11th Congressional district of North Carolina send to the fall election. Because which ever candidate we have. They will sack the quarterback. His campaign debt from two years ago has not been paid off and his fundraising efforts to date have not been successful.

Mumpower's first television ad is below.

Mumpower takes a principled stand in the face of a hostile crowd.

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