Friday, April 11, 2008

Disunity Within the KCRP Under CBT

Overnight, in response to this our post setting the record straight. The previous Republican Chairman to my term challenged the disunity statement by me. He said his record speaks for itself. I am thankful that he said this because now I will explain his record of disunity.

In watching the actions or I should say inaction's of the County Chairman during CBT's term is the reason that I had frank conversations with Mary Lou Horner, James McMillian and R. Larry Smith in trying to stop the slander postcards.

When CBT was Chairman he allowed the campaign for State Senator to become the most vicious and nasty in Knox County history. Then Sate Representative Jamie "Hagood" Woodson was a candidate for the seat being vacated by Ben Atchley. Her opponent former Republican Chairman Billy Stokes was challenging her. There were so many mean, nasty, vicious comments being made on the News-Sentinel website and on Cas (a website that we now know, belonged to Stokes campaign manager) As Chairman CBT NEVER had a conversation with the two candidates and he sat by allowing the gutter politics to become the political sewage treatment plant.

That my friends was the disunity created by the previous Chairman to my term.

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Beth said...

Why would Chad defend a female being targeted with hate speech, after all his current wife is wife #3