Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blount County Commissioners are "Fellow Travelers"

Did you see this Breaking News story on the Sentinel's website about our neighbors in Blount County. It seems that three Commissioners decided to rendezvous in Nashville with a citizen and met with a state level bureaucrat about the county business.

Congratulations and a big "Way To Go" to Mayor Cunningham for his strong comments in the paper condemning their actions.

The bureaucrat confirmed that the meeting occurred. Wendy Pitts Reeves is a Democrat. Republicans David Graham and Monika Murrell are termed "fellow travelers" in a small clique of Commissioners. The other two commissioners in the clique were smart enough to stay home from the Nashville trip.

Wendy Pitts-Reeves has yet to pass a single resolution in her career as a Commissioner. She rarely even gets a second. Murrell is a "rookie" Commissioner in her first term and according to Blount County sources is easily influenced. There is a chance that she could have a Damascus Road experience and become a viable public servant. Graham has served 2-3 terms and apparently has an agenda against the Blount County Sheriff. In Knox County, we call that the Wanda Moody/Herb Moncier syndrome.

Wendy Pitts Reeves has been featured on the Jim Gray/Mark Harmon Knoxville "Deaniacs" CTV show in the past. The show is entitled "DTV" for Deaniac Television. As the show is not officially endorsed by Knox County's minority political party.

Pitts-Reeves represents the fourth district which includes the voting precincts of Blount County Board of Education-City, Blount County Board of Education-County, Chilhowee View, Fairview-City, Fairview-County, Montvale. You can email your thoughts about her actions to Pitts-Reeves, here.

Graham represents the seventh district which includes the voting precincts of Big Springs, Carpenter's, Friendsville-City, Friendsville-County, Happy Valley, Lanier

Murrell represents the ninth district which includes the voting precincts of Porter, Rockford-Alcoa, Rockford - City, Rockford-County, Rockford 20th-Alcoa and Shooks Gap

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