Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Traveling Back 23 Years Ago Via YouTube

As all of my close friends know, I have a very diverse taste in music. I can be listening to Guns & Roses, skip to Hank, Junior, skip to Kenny Chesney and then to the Southern Gospel favorite of The Kingsmen.

In 1985, I had been out of high school one year and had volunteered in the Reagan/Bush 1984 General election campaign. I was attending school and working, it was such a simpler time.

However, in 1985 I went to the Civic Coliseum and the opening act was Til' Tuesday. I have been in love with the sound of Aimee Mann from that day. I have the entire Aimee Mann collection on my ipod and she is today the Queen of the indie singer/songwriter.

Here she still is today. The lady has staying power.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that. I have noted your interest in Aimee Mann and ... well, she never did much for me, good singer and all, don't get me wrong but ...
After reading this it's like of course! I was never into Genesis until I saw them in concert, Nashville, '78, I think, I'd only been in the Army a few years and after that concert I went out and slowly (because of $$) aquired everything they'd ever done. That record collection and all the rest are still in storage in Kansas. But, anyway, I understand. Dire Straits (Cologne, '82 or '83), Supertramp (Cologne '83) samething.
Add to that the excitment of a political campaign and ... sure, Aimee Mann would make a good, lasting impression on anyone! She can sing even tho, personally, I've never had a thing for her.
I can listen to an old Genesis, Dire Straits, Supertramp tune and remember being at that concert, that party, or singing it along with the cook at the nearby Schnell Imbiss and all those good memories come back. So I get what you're saying.