Monday, April 28, 2008

The Knox County Clerk's Office is Out of Service

A resolution is before the Knox County Commission this evening. The County Commission requested that interim Clerk George Stooksbury or County Clerk employee Carolyn Heiskell appear at the Commission meeting this evening.

When asked if she would call and ask for George or Carolyn to come over to the meeting. County Clerk employee Martha Beeler said "NO. George went home sick today and Carolyn has health issues also." So, why doesn't Martha Beeler speak on behalf of the Clerk's office.

It is unbelievable that the very office that purports to be "bringing government to the people." is the very office that runs and hides because they are skeered (for those of you that ain't from around here, that is Knox County for scared) of Commission.

Carolyn Heiskell is an active campaigner for Foster Arnett, Junior and is pictured standing with Foster on his website via videos and still photographs. So, will electing Foster just be more of the same?

Fortunately, the resolution was postponed for thirty days in hopes that George and Carolyn will be well next month.

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