Monday, April 14, 2008

Today's News-Sentinel with Georgiana and an Interesting Twist To The TIF's

First, it is Georgiana Vines column. She decided to inform you of what Brian's Blog reported two weeks ago about Mike Lowe and his ultimate departure from the Trustee's Office. Way to keep up Georgiana.

She then proceeds to inform you of the campaign financial situation of Mike Lowe, Scott Moore. She then informs you of how much cash Foster Arnett, Junior, Sherry Witt. She then decides to publicize identity of three private citizens that have contributed to Sherry Witt. So, Georgiana Vines is now attempting to dry up the campaign contributions for Republican candidates. But, she NEVER mentioned the financial contributions for her Democrat friends that are challenging Sherry Witt or Sheriff Jimmy "J.J." Jones.

Why is this Georgiana? Have you resorted back to anti-Republican bashing again. First it was Mayor Kyle Testerman and then Knox County Republican Chairman Brian Hornback and just last week it was Former Knox County Republican Chairman Brian Hornback.

So, now it is the contributors to the Republicans that you do not like? It is after all your standard M.O.

And then the Hayes Hickman TIF story located here. They link to the Knox County TIF application and they link to the City of Knoxville's TIF application. The News-Sentinel is well aware of the City of Knoxville TIF process as they are recipient of a TIF/PILOT for their new location and they are trying to get one for the next owners of their old property.


Interesting said...

Valid, and yet someone posed quite and interesting comment on Vines' article. I wonder if that will lead to discussion...

Anonymous said...

Is this some kind of contest to see how many times you can say Brian Hornback in one blog?

Brian Hornback said...

No it is not a contest, because if it were, I know that I could win. Thanks.
Brian Hornback

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you know it or not, you should but ... Financial contributions are public information that can be gleaned from any number of sources, some on the internet and some elsewhere. In the particular article Ms. Vine's was talking about certain former candidates, why then would she, or should she mention any one else? Perhaps she's going to do a story about other folks later. Perhaps she only wanted to discuss the losers of the last county primaries. I guess you'd need ask her. But I saw nothing improper about the article. It doesn't take much to get under your skin does it? Why this is so continues and constantly amaze me. I know that by now it shouldn't, but it does.


Brian Hornback said...

As usual, Steve Mule you are wrong. She is not only talking about former or in your words "loser" candidates. When she is discussing Sherry Witt, Republican candidate for Register of Deeds. Georgianna is discussing a current "victorious" Republican candidate that will be on the ballot in August.

What I get irritated with, is the lazy "reporting" that Georgianna reports in nearly every column.