Monday, January 19, 2009

R. Larry Smith - Chief Hypocrite II

Tonight at the Halls Republican Club the first order of business was to swear in the 2009 officers of the club. Commissioner R. Larry Smith had the job of swearing in the officers. He announced that he obtained the oath from Judge Tony Stansberry but added language to the oath.

His additional language was an oath NOT to show support or endorse a Democrat in any way. That was odd. As Smith himself can NOT live by this standard. As he voted for a Democrat over three Republicans, Mike Alford, Logan Brummitt and Walter Wojnar for the Commission appointment in District Four.

It has also been discovered that Knox GOP Chair Irene McCrary can not abide by this standard as she and Knox County Election Commission Administrator years ago cut a deal that appointed her as an Officer that was to served by a Democrat. So, McCrary served in a Democrat Officer position. Also, one of her siblings recently endorsed a countywide Democrat.

This will also be problematic for McCrary's daughter Michelle Carringer that is attempting to gain the Seventh District Commission Seat appointment.

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