Thursday, January 08, 2009

Knoxville Mayor Has Taken Stand Against the Second Amendment.

Do you remember this little jewel from October 5, 2006? Mayor Bill Haslam joined with another City Mayor with Wall Street ties to take away our guns. Our guns that are protected by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. Everyone is concerned about President-Elect Obama. See what this state will get if we elect the Knoxville Mayor as Governor.

How will his position on guns play statewide? Men who enjoy hunting and wives that enjoy their husbands hunting. How will that play out at the Tuckahoe Rabbit Hunters Club? How will it play in all 95 counties?

Can you imagine the photo op now with the Knoxville Mayor in camouflage and a hunting rifle over his shoulder? I feel another Romney incident coming. The Knoxville Mayor announcing that he enjoys hunting and fishing and when we search the public records. He has NEVER possessed a hunting or fishing license.

I am confident that Congressman Zach Wamp has a stellar record of defending our right to keep and bear arms. For those photo shop professionals out there, send some photos of the Knoxville Mayor in hunting gear and I will post them.

Again, we need a Governor from Main Street and the weekend recreational hunting fields. Not from Wall Street and the Corporate board room.


Anonymous said...

Here is something you won't see in the KNS.

Michael said...

Stop light cameras - Haslam lost me at stop light cameras.

Anonymous said...

What you need to know about Bill Haslam and his views on your rights.

Steve Mule said...

They're not talking about legal guns legally owned by law abiding citizens - they're concerned about ILLEGAL GUNS (stolen, ilegally modified {sawed-off}, or violate 1936 GCA which outlawed machine guns, bombs and so on). I don't think Mayor Haslem is going to come for your .22 or my mauser. Their web-site made it pretty clear they viewed this as a law-enforcement issue and not a gun-control issue.
I think your anti-Haslem bias (however justified and legitimate) is causing you to , uh ... stretch ... a little ... the ... point you're making in to the region of "untruth."