Monday, January 05, 2009

Haslam for Governor Plans Revealed

Sources close to the Haslam for Governor regime have informed of us of several items of interest.

First, it is currently planned that Bill Haslam will announce on Wednesday 1/7/2008 that an exploratory committee is being formed to prepare a run for Governor of Tennessee.

Second, the challenge for Big Jim (Daddy) and Jim III (big brother) is to raise $3.0 million dollars over the next 6 weeks. So, by February 20, 2008 it will appear that the Knoxville Mayor has a groundswell of support.

Third, any potential opponent that the Haslam's may face can expect a negative campaign. It will not be obvious that it is coming from the Haslam campaign. But, it will be a muddy war.

A problem that the Haslam's have not considered is that when the exploratory committee is formed. All campaign contributions and expenses will be monitored. He will be prohibited from flying on the Pilot corporate jet and will be prohibited from obtaining free Pilot gasoline to travel the State of Tennessee. Any flights on the Pilot jet or free gasoline from Pilot will become a corporate contribution which is prohibited by state law.

We all know that Bill and the Haslam's would not violate state law to become the Governor of Tennessee.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to Haslamville. Where you can buy a Senator and a Governor.

Are the people of this state dumb enough to trade a Republic for a Monarchy?