Wednesday, January 28, 2009

R. Larry Smith Continues to Operate in the Good 'Ole Boy Way

So, the perjurer R. Larry Smith conspired with GOP Chair Irene McCrary to violate the Sunshine Law to appoint her daughter Michelle Carringer to the 7th district seat. In December Smith confronted Commissioner Lambert and said you need to support Michelle, Irene told me to remind you that she protected you from being ousted from the Powell Republican Club by Bruce and Lillian Williams. Lillian Williams was the second highest vote getter for the appointment. Smith replied the discussion was held during an open meeting. Lambert reminded him it happened in the corner away from the microphone.

Lambert disclosed this at the Commission meeting on Monday afternoon. You can watch the video of the meeting here.

So, McCrary used her position as the County Party's Head to advance and enrich her daughter, personally. Smith has profited from the Knox County Republican Party paying the electric utility bill at the 640 North Building, a commercial building owned by Smith. So in exchange for McCrary continuing to pay the electrical bill he appointed her daughter to Commissioner.

Smith said in nominating McCrary's daughter that she has no county connection. Lambert reminded the Commission that her resume reflected a part-time job with the Knox County General Sessions Court Clerk's office.

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