Saturday, January 24, 2009

News Sentinel Hearts Campfield

What is the motive of the News Sentinel and the City of Knoxville into the disagreement between a landlord (that happens to be a State Representative) and his tenants? Is it that the News Sentinel doesn't have Tim Hutchison, Scott Moore or Brian Hornback to beat up on? Is Representative Stacey Campfield the NEW Tim Scobby Hornback? Or maybe the Knoxville Mayor is not counting on an election to be elected Governor of Tennessee and so he is using his paid public relations rag (the News Sentinel) to damage the State Representative so that he is NOT a State Representative that the NEW Governor has to worry about? How could anyone assume that the News Sentinel is the paid public relations rag for the Knoxville Mayor? It could have something to do with the thousands of newspapers sold to one business unit in Knoxville every Friday.

For whatever reason this attack was launched. State Representative get it fixed. There is no reason to give them this kind of ammunition to shoot you with. As for the tenants, did you like the place when you signed a lease? After all it appears that you signed a lease. I don't think the Representative forced you to sign the lease.

Here are the numbers of attacks on the Representative over two days. Thursday January 22, 2009 a story here. A photo gallery by News Sentinel staff posted on their website on Thursday January 22, 2009, here. A video tour recorded by Ben Fish/a Special to the News Sentinel and posted to their website on Friday January 23, 2009, here. Another story on Friday January 23, 2009, here.

A little over blown there, Jack! So, what is your bias, Jack? What is your motive, Jack?

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