Thursday, January 29, 2009

Did NS Writer Alapo Fabricate Story with Mis-Information?

The News Sentinel published this story written by one of their reporters, Lola Alapo yesterday. The story is about "stimulus money for school districts". The knoxnews Related link is a document or a set of documents from the U.S. House Committee on Education and Labor. At the top of the document it states, Notice: These are estimated grants only. These estimates are provided solely to assist in making comparisons of the relative impact of alternative formulas and funding levels as part of the legislative process. They are not intended to predict specific amounts LEAs will receive. In addition to other limitations, much of the data that may be used to calculate final grants are not yet available.

Now with the facts noted nearly every person reading this story is under the false impression that Knox County Schools and other school districts in Tennessee will receive this financial support. It attracted 116 comments online.

This is a newspaper article of irresponsible reporting
. When will Bruce Hartmann take responsibility and stop the shenanigans of McElroy and crew at "The Big Metal Shed on the Hill" ?

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