Thursday, January 22, 2009

R. Larry Smith Will Likely Face Ethics Charge

R. Larry Smith always asks potential appointees if they have a conflict. However, he never looks at himself in the mirror. On Monday County Commission will vote for a warm body to fill Commissioner Scott Moore's seat until his ouster appeal is successful. If Smith cast a vote for one of the candidates he will face an ethics complaint by at least one maybe more Knox County citizens.

Here is the conflict. Smith owns the 640 North office building. On the top floor of that building the Knox County Republican Party occupies office space. The Knox County Republican Party on a monthly basis pays KUB, the Knoxville Utilities Board for the electricity that it uses in that portion of Smith's commercial property.

Irene McCrary, Knox County Republican Party Chair and the mother of appointee hopeful Michelle Carringer authorizes the payment to KUB from the Knox County Republican Party. It is the same scenario where a $5,000.00 contribution was made to Save our Right to Vote without the authorization of the Knox County Republican Executive Committee. In McCrary's opinion and her past actions she operates as if it is he sole decision and authority.

So, if and when Smith cast a vote for Michelle Carringer. It will appear to be a pay back for his utility bill payment for the past two years while Carringer's mother has been the GOP Chair.

Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog anticipates filing an ethics complaint against Smith in the likely event that he votes for the GOP Chair's daughter. Hornback has been approached by several citizens that are interested in joining him in his complaint.

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