Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bill Haslam Arrogance Is Front Page Farragut Press

This story from the front page of today's Farragut Press exposes the arrogance that is Bill Haslam. You see his family business goes to their location on Campbell Station Road, they tear down the building and build a new one. They go through the motions and apply for a Town of Farragut compliant road sign. The Town of Farragut blindly accepts Bill's family business at their word, after all they had an application which all intents and purposes serves as a contract between Bill's family business and the Town of Farragut. But, guess what? Bill's family business has never complied with the application, instead they arrogantly replaced the facade on the sign. The Town of Farragut has filed litigation in 2006, does that compel Bill's family business to be a good neighbor? Heck NO! After all the Town of Farragut is in the same county as the headquarter of Bill's family business.

For the purpose of disclosure, I do not live in Farragut. I do worship in Farragut, I also spend dollars in Farragut. Say what you will of the Town of Farragut rules, but McDonalds has not remodeled its Farragut location do to the sign ordinance that would cause them to reduce their sign. WalMart left Farragut due to a Town of Farragut ordinance that controlled a lawn and garden center. So, if the rules should apply to the largest retailer in the world and to a local franchise of a fast food restaurant, then by golly a small little fueling center should comply as well.

If Daddy's boy is elected Governor how many rules, laws and ordinances will they ignore statewide? We can not risk the chance.

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