Saturday, July 24, 2010

Arnett Waste Taxpayer Money and Disregards the Five Points Community

This news today is nothing new from Knox County Clerk Foster Arnett. It seems that Arnett's post election decision to close the Five Points satellite office was a knee jerk decision that will cost us the taxpayers $500,000.00. It seems that two weeks following the primary election when Arnett pulled the plug on the Five Points satellite office, he did not bother to read the lease that his predecessor had signed. So, now Reverend James Davis and the Eternal Life Harvest Center are forced to recoup the funds through litigation. I know Pastor Davis, Pastor Davis is a man of God that if Arnett had bothered to call him and talk with him, Pastor Davis would have been able to work out an appropriate exit strategy that would have been helpful to the county, would not have hurt the economic condition of Eternal Life Harvest or the Five Points community. I was fortunate to attend the first worship service ever held at the Five Points location of the Eternal Life Harvest Center. Pastor Davis and the good people of Eternal Life Harvest are doing good work in the five points community and do not deserve this treatment.

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