Sunday, July 18, 2010

News-Sentinel Published Bill Baxter's Letter

Thursday, Knoxvillian Brad Hill's letter to the editor was printed in the News-Sentinel. It was later discovered that the letter had been edited as we provided the letter in it's entirety (here). Today, the News-Sentinel has printed a guest column of Knoxvillian Bill Baxter. Baxter is former Commissioner of Economic Development, former Board Member of the Tennessee Valley Authority. Baxter served as the last full time Chairman of TVA. Most importantly to all of that Baxter has been and continues to be a successful businessman with running Holston Gases. So, Baxter contributes greatly to the Knoxville economy, not only in providing revenue through taxes but in providing "real" jobs to hundreds of citizens. Read Bill Baxter's guest column (here) and see why Brad Hill, Bill Baxter along with myself and thousands of others have been and continue to support Zach Wamp for Governor.

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