Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thank You, E.W. Scripps & Sandra Clark

This evening, Sandra Clark, employee of E.W. Scripps will go online and in tomorrow's print edition with another column about me and my race for Republican State Executive Committeeman. I really appreciate Sandra and Scripps reprinting many of my blog posts, although being published in Sandra's Scripps column could cause me to lose credibility. Patrick J. Birmingham and Bruce Hartmann have inquired about the invoice that they are expecting because 90 % of the content of the column is a result of a free lance blog writer, myself.


Corryton Carolyn said...

Brian I love your approach on this the latest hate attack of Sandra toward you. Please keep in mind that you "Don't ever wrestle with a pig. You'll both get dirty, but the pig will enjoy it." So, let Sandra and her cronies continue to get dirty and you just be the stand up Christian guy that you are.

Fountain City Litton said...

Brian, this individual along with Betty Bean from her posts on Facebook are obviously cyber stalking you. They obviously are very jealous of your work and for her to simply copy and paste your blog work and claim it for herself should cause Scripps management some concern.

Halls Had It said...

Sandra is the hater of all things Brian Hornback that is obvious from everything she has written and published on you for all these years.

Her supervisors really need to do an intervention and instruct her not to read Brian's Blog and to forbid her to continue copying and pasting everything you post.

After seeing her picture here, I would not be surprised if she has all your blog postings tacked up on her office and home walls.

She is scary.