Friday, July 09, 2010

Eighth District School Board Debate Mullins -v- McMillan

Brian's Blog had a correspondent at the Gibbs Ruritan Club Building last night for the School Board Forum between candidates Roy Mullins and Mike McMillan. In opening remarks, Roy Mullins stated he has over 45 years of experience in the school system in various capacities, he also stated that he has grandchildren that currently attend 4 different Knox County Schools. Michael McMillan stated he has 35 years as a high school educator and service on the County Commission.

McMillan attempted to agitate Mullins in very pointedly stating that Mullins is better suited as Superintendent than as a board member. McMillan also stated that Mullins was inconsistent in his position on the Carter school by accepting a plan that supported renovation and not a new school. Mullins stated that the decision was made by the board and not him. Mullins stated that he had concerns during his last stint as Interim Superintendent but was told by the Board Chair, not to worry about it, that they could wait till the new Superintendent is hired and see if he/she had the same concern, since he was just temporary.

McMillan challenged Mullins for a perceived lack of action and asked if it was because he was afraid. Mullins made the bold statement that considering current challenges and economic climate he might support tax increases to fund schools. McMillan stated that he would not support any tax increases.

Both candidates said that they feel the school system as a whole teaches to the test. Both candidates support term limits for school board members. Neither candidate feels that year round school will benefit the budget. Both candidates do not support giving the school board taxing authority.

Cortney Piper was the moderator. Near the conclusion of the debate she stipulated that this would be a lighting round in which a yes or no answer was all that was required and then she asked who represents Holston Middle School. An obvious question that would not be adequately answered with a yes or no. Piper then stated that she would read the questions before reading the instructions for answering them.

While we appreciate our correspondent filing in for Brian's Blog. Shopper News had two reporters present. That is an interesting allocation of an existing snails crew.

Roy Mullins will be the guest this evening on One on One with Hubert Smith on Community Television of Knoxville, Comcast Channel 12 at 7:30 p.m.


Ray H. Jenkins said...

Brian - I was at this event. Many times during his responses to questions about how he would convince the School Board the 8th district deserved a Carter Elementary School or a Gibbs Middle School, Mr. Mullins said the key was being able to "count to 5." This was evidently a reference to being able to influence 4 other Board members to join the 8th District's position.

The problem Mr. Mullins never addressed was this - while he touted his experience as an administrator and his past actions pushing for the 8th District, he never could "count to 5" to get support for Carter or Gibbs.

Mullins was ineffective as an administrator, by his own admission. He never made a case for his ability to be an effective Board member for the 8th District.

As a Board member, he would be trying to "count to 5" as a peer of the other board members - experience he does not have. He gave no indication as to how he has learned to "count to 5" since his retirement from the school's bureaucracy.

Mike McMillan has years of experience on County Commission, persuading peers to support his positions. This compliments his decades of experience in the classroom. He knows how to count - to 5 and beyond.


As a parent of a Gibbs High School student how can anyone support McMilian. After it was discovered that he had inappropriate adult material in the closet of his clasroom and he informed students to miss his class on test day. If the Carter side elects McMillian, our district will take a HUGE step back from Phillips and Williams.

Brian Hornback said...


I was told that you were there. I was at a GOP leadership meeting. So, one of my team members was there to take notes. The goal of Brian's Blog is to give a feel and taste of what actually happened, not be like the main stream media and just report who, what, when etc. I feel my team member did exactly what they were asked to do. It appears that you are NOT disputing what was reported. So thanks for your feedback as well.

Anonymous said...

mr mcmillan mr mullins

the one aspect that everyone has forgot is the carter mddle gym.

i need to know your position on this before i vote

coach wyatt
carter middle

coach wyatt said...

everyone has forgotten about the carter MIDDLE gym proposal.

who is going to email me to say that their candidate stands on this issue?

coach wyatt

carter middle