Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Haslam Desperate Antics of the Day

First, a Haslam direct mail piece hit today proclaiming Haslam as pro-gun. That is laughable. It proclaims that "As Mayor, he kept Knoxville the most gun-friendly big city in Tennessee." Haslam was the first BIG city to deny the guns in parks that was allowed by legislative action. He proclaims that he is a A life member of the NRA. When did he pay the $1,500 to become a lifetime member? In 2002, he was a member of Mayor Bloomberg's anti gun group.

Second, I have received several phone calls from county elected officials informing me that they are receiving requests (even heavy handed requests) to endorse for an ad.

It seems that Tennessee's "Bobby Ewing" is getting desperate. How much money will Tennessee's "Jock" and "J.R." be forced to pay to elect son and brother "Bobby"?

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