Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tom Ingram and I Can Find Something To Agree On in the GOP Governors Race

This story from today's Tennessean, I have discovered something that Tom Ingram and I can agree on. It is the last line of the last Tom Ingram quote near the end of story. Tom said, "When it comes to managing a budget, Bill's in a league of his own." Now, Tom's definition and mine may differ. Because I see that when Bill was at Sak's Direct his budgeting acumen wasn't very good because the business didn't fare so well. Then with Bill's first City of Knoxville budget in 2003, he raised taxes on every city taxpayer. So, I agree Bill is in a league of his own.

So, as my friend Senator Lamar Alexander and Tom Ingram's old boss quotes Alex Haley, "find the good and praise it." I did that in finding a quote that Tom and I can agree on and praising it.

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