Tuesday, July 06, 2010

William Haslam, The Anti-Jobs Mayor Wants to Be Governor

Earlier we posted here how two closed c-stores believed that William Haslam is the best choice for Governor. Now, we locate two more closed businesses that support William Haslam.

A closed First Tennessee bank on Clinton Highway.

The closed Goody's headquarters and distribution center on Parkside Drive in West Knox County.

In addition, This tidbit from the June 30, 2010 of the Knoxville News Sentinel about First Tennessee Bank's move to Blount County and states "45 of the bank's Knoxville employees who work in technology purchasing and remote check capture will be relocated to the Maryville site." So, William Haslam has lost 45 employees from Knoxville in the past week. How about how he lost H.T. Hackney to Roane County,TN.

Evidently, the Knoxville Mayor in addition to having connections to video poker slot machine operations and possessing the honor of being the 4th largest retailer of lottery tickets. He also has support from the palm reading and card reading industry.

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