Sunday, July 18, 2010

Big Red and the Pilot Coca Cola Wagon Meet

Thanks to one of our hundreds of Brian's Blog team members for capturing this yesterday at the Clarksville Montgomery County GOP picnic, Big Red met the Pilot Coca-Cola wagon. August 3, 2009, the Wamp campaign began riding around on "Big Red" the Wamp bus. Big Red is driven by 6 different VOLUNTEER campaign drivers. It has logged over 50,000 miles since August 3, 2009. During the same time Shelby County District Attorney General was riding in a vehicle (prior to his withdrawal from the race) Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey was at the state capitol doing his job and Bill Haslam was flying around on the Pilot plane.

This week, 11 months after Big Red was commissioned and put to work, the Haslam campaign began leasing a bus and as copy cat as it is began traveling their paid campaign staffers on the leased bus. Don't you bet that the Pilot Coca-Cola Wagon lease includes a paid driver with the little chauffeur attire.

Note how the sun is shining on Big Red brighter than it is on the Coca-Cola Wagon.

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