Monday, October 01, 2012

Well, Well KNS Comes Clean

The Mayor and his estranged wife have agreed to a settlement of their martial assets. Most interesting is at the end of the Big Metal Shed on the Hill's story.

"Allison Burchett allowed the News Sentinel to review the couple's bank records. Deposits corresponding to the amounts of those checks were made to the Burchetts' joint account.

She also later provided the News Sentinel with documents showing $2,000 in electronic donations that were not recorded on his campaign finance disclosure reports. In four other instances, a total of $1,600 was shifted from an "Elect Burchett" PayPal account, an online system that allows people and businesses to transfer money via email."

Jack McElroy continually claimed that they received the information from anonymous sources. Is the truth in Jack?


Anonymous said...

"Is the truth in Jack?"

Not on this one.

Not in the editorial today on SOS.

"a proponent of the school budget."

It was created to lobby for the school budget!

What I'm wondering, if Allison was the campaign finance person, meaning she kept up with all incoming donations, and I would think she was in charge of disclosing them, then how would Burchett be expected to know if they were not accurately recorded or used?

In my experience, a campaign does not have a back up person checking another person's work and integrity.

No candidate has the time, money, and they choose someone whom they trust to do the right thing.

Looks like if Burchett did something it was misplacing his trust.

Never trust the KNS said...

Stunning revelation from the KNS. After Allison Burchett receives almost nothing in the most contested divorce in recent Knox County history, the KNS outs her as the infamous "anonymous source" for the worst hatchet job of a public official by a local newspaper.

Not very anonymous now. This should be a lesson to anyone who trusts Jack McElory. We need a good term to describe Jack McElroy, I think "presstitute" is most fitting.

McElroy lied to Allison Burchett and used her to sell newspapers. It doesn't get any lower than this.

Anonymous said...

Getting involved in a personal matter for political gain for your friends, as it looks like McElroy did, should be grounds for dismissal.

Sausage Hangover said...

I'm thinking Headline Whore since he will do anything to put something in 24 or 32 point font to create some sensational topic, i.e. Haslam Out At Pilot and when you read through the body of the story, you realize its not a story and there really isn't much there at all.

McElroy will get his day, they'll keep reaching and grasping for journalistic relevance and eventually touch a third rail that can turn the tables. Heaven forbid a defamation case actually get filed in Knox County and tried to a jury, you'd never find a juror who could be parital or unbiased against a rag like the KNS. More importantly, the local juridicary is well aware of the frustrations from J.K. Blackwood, Esq. and many of them share the same sentiments regarding the perceived coverage of a number of court proceedings, some of which involve Judge Bumm.