Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gloria Johnson Door Knockers are NOT necessarily committed

Sources close to the Gloria Johnson campaign forwarded me a portion of an email sent by the candidate. I have removed the cell number & email address for the contact persons.

"My campaign has the opportunity to pay canvassers for knocking doors in my district thanks to the AFL-CIO. Canvassers will make $10 an hour and may work weeknights 3:30-8, Saturdays 10-6, and Sunday 1-6. If you know anyone interested, please contact Tyler () for Ryan at"


So when they knock on your door, they are being paid by AFL-CIO and not much different than the union that pays the people to stand with "Shame On" signs.

Maybe a Republican or two should stake out Gloria's headquarters with a "Shame On Gloria" sign!


Anonymous said...

Not the only dirty trick from the Gloria team:

Those are just lies. But that is how they roll.

Anonymous said...

And Loe has done dirty tricks too.Have you seen the mailers? It is not unusual to pay door knockers.

Anonymous said...

"And Loe has done dirty tricks too.Have you seen the mailers?"

Yep, here are those mailers:

The mailers tell the truth, Gloria Johnson supports voter fraud. How is telling the truth wrong Buddy?

Gloria Johnson is a Union flunky and a liar. We don't need her kind in Nashville.