Sunday, October 21, 2012

Romney and the Media's "Binders of Women" Issue

As I watched David Gregory interview Senator Marco Rubio on Meet The Press this morning. It occurred to me the motive of the MSM (Main Stream Media) using this issue of Romney's comment about "binders of women". Isn't about Romney receiving binders of resumes of prospective female applicants for jobs in the Romney Massachusetts administration. It is about them (the media) attempting to hurt Romney through his membership in the Mormon Religion. A religious organization with a history of polygamy.


Anonymous said...

I believe you are on to something. Today's New York Times Book Review details a new book titled Brigham Young. The man that the Mormon University Brigham Young University is named. Young was married to 55 women.

Anonymous said...

They'll do anything to win.

Expect threats of race riots within the next 2 weeks.

Or "OWS Gone Wild."

Anonymous said...

While they're giving Romney heck about this, their favorite "diversity" religion Islam starts the pilgramage today to find new and better ways to suppress women.