Sunday, October 14, 2012

Victor Ashe is Making Predictions 92 years in Advance

This weeks column (here) by the former Ambassador to Poland is rather interesting. It seems that Senator Stacey Campfield has a long successful career ahead of him. Ashe wrote about Republican candidate Roger Kane's recent fundraiser "he succeeded in getting state Sen. Stacey Campfield and his probable 2104 GOP opponent, Commissioner Richard Briggs, to join his host committee." 

First of all Ashe missed the election by two years. You see in 23 elections it will be 2102 or the 24th election  will be in 2106. There could be a special election in 2104, maybe Ashe knows more than any of us can give him credit.
Let's do the math. Senator Campfield's birthday is June 8, 1968. He is 44 today, in 2104 he will be a young 136 years old. As for Commissioner Dr. Briggs, I was unable to secure his birthday. He graduated from a French high school in 1971, making the assumption that he was 18 in 1971, he is in the range of 59 today. When he challenges Campfield he will be a spry 151 years old.

On a side note, Ashe birthday is January 1, 1945 he is 67 years old. In 2104 he will be 159 years old. 

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