Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lenoir City's Harry Wampler Violates Sign Law

City Councilman Harry Wampler failed to abide by a sign ordinance concerning the placement of political signs placed on public property or right aways.
Read the September 20 article in the product of the Big Metal Shed on the Hill
Wampler places Experience, Integrity, Loyalty on his campaign signs. Granted Wampler has some experience as he has been involved in local politics a long time. As for Integrity, he violates a sign ordinance and I have several voice mail messages saved from when he was upset with my coverage of the Kent Calfee campaign. I made it clear to him that I have been threatened by lesser and greater men than him.

As for loyalty, he is loyal to soon to be former ONE TERM State Representative Julia Hurley.

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