Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Parents Do NOT Care! Why Should I?

I attended the third elementary school rezoning community meeting tonight at Cedar Bluff Elementary School. There are currently 1,494 students at Cedar Bluff Elementary School. With each child averaging one mom and one dad, not considering step moms and dads that equals 2,988 "responsible adults".

How many people were at tonights meeting? 85! Of the 85, one was Dr. McIntyre, 2 members of the Schools PR Dept. 1 member of the schools transportation, 2 employees of the schools community access tv broadcasting team and three school board members and myself. That is 10.

So, 75 community members? Well, as one audience member identified himself as a teacher. He said that 1/3 - 1/4 of the crowd were staff members of Cedar Bluff Elementary. So eliminate 20-25 people. That leaves 50 community members.

When will parents care enough about their child's education to show up for 1.5 hours? Since the parents don't care, why should I spoon feed the information to them?

394 kids will not be at Cedar Bluff next year that are there today. Don't be COMPLAINING to me when the rezoning happens.


Anonymous said...

Too many parents think the government will work it out to satisfy each one of their own particular interests.

And then if the schools don't, they will be the first ones burning up the phone lines.

Anonymous said...

Dude Cedar Bluff has classes where they need 2 teachers in 1 room because they have 40 students!