Wednesday, October 03, 2012

UT just can't stay out of the news

First yesterday the fraternity that no longer resides at UT had an odd, interesting press conference. Not sure why. That was the hilarious story coming out of UT yesterday. A tactic or two of the Attorney Dan McGehee had some people laughing off their butt. But I digress.

Then UT last week sent Margie Nichols out into the media to say Debbie Jennings lawsuit against UT Athletic Department and the Athletic Director Dave Hart was lies. Well actually Nichols (former Straight From The Heart TV Station) said it was not true.

Today, Jennings lawsuit was amended with an affidavit from Coach Pat Summitt saying that Jennings account is accurate.

Next thing you know, UT will send Nichols out to bash Pat Summitt and question Summitt's recollection. That there is fighting words.

UT is in a corner. It appears they just need to set the AD in the corner and find out what Jennings wants and make it work for the good of the UT family.


Anonymous said...

Fire Hart.

Hire Cronan.

Randy E said...

Ever step back and wonder with everyting that is goning at UT over the past 4 years we need to take a look at the Very TOP down?