Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Briggs Speaks Up Against Broyles Knee Jerk Reaction

Commissioner Dr. Richard Briggs speaks up against the knee jerk reaction to Commissioner Amy Broyles proposal to disband the Ethics Committee after former failed County Commissioner candidate and 4 time applicant for the Ethics Committee Steve Drevik along with former failed State Representative candidate and former School Board Member Diane Jablonski were upset that two current members were reappointed by the Ethics Committee after interviewing all the applicants that appeared at the interview sessions.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Briggs stood up for fairness. This was changing the rules after a vote. It is like saying a touchdown in football is worth only three points instead of seven.

Amy Broyles wants Steve Drevik on this ethics committee for some reason. And she wants it bad enough to unethically undo a legal vote.

Anonymous said...

The only way the liberals can get influence in politics in Knox County is through appointed offices.

McIntyre's, Drevik's attempt, etc.