Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ellis Clears The Confusion Created by Hurley

The Roane County News recently published a couple of stories on one term State Representative Julia Hurley as she leaves her position.

Hurley made some interesting comments about Roane County Commissioner Randy Ellis. Ellis clears the air here at Shock And Awe (aka Brian's Blog).

The Roane County News published this comment attributed to Hurley. "There was no relationship with the Roane County Commission. They chose not to have one with me. Randy Ellis, who was in charge of the Legislative Liaison Committee, he never liaised anything with me, and I was there for two years." Hurley said

Commissioner Ellis said that apparently Rep. Hurley is not familiar with Roane County. He was not and is not the chairman of the Legislative Liaison Committee. He is simply a member of the committee.

Rep. Hurley also stated "There was no relationship with the Roane County Commission. They chose not to have one with me."

In fact according to Ellis there were several issues that the Commission brought to Rep. Hurley's attention. And after several attempts to communicate with her. The following motion was adopted by the Roane County Commission on March 14, 2011. " Motion made by Commissioner Ellis with second by Commissioner Cantrell for the County Executive to write a letter to Representative Hurley and request she attend the first available meeting (when she is not in session )of the Roane County Commission to discuss legislation requested by the Commission"

Commissioner Ellis said it’s worth noting after that motion was made there was still no response from Rep. Hurley.

Ellis states that Another example of Rep. Hurley not helping with important issues that face Roane County is when the Commission asked Rep. Hurley and Sen. Yager to carry legislation that would extend the property tax sharing for Roane County from 30 years to 50 years pertaining to the Plateau Partnership Industrial Park. This was vital to the economic and industrial growth of Roane County. Sen. Yager carried the bill all the way thru the Senate and Rep. Hurley never even got the bill to a vote in a committee. And never communicated to the County Executive or Commission her thoughts or reservations on the bill.

Ellis concluded his comments by saying, As far as Julia Hurley is concerned, come Nov. 6, she will no longer be the state representative, and I’m moving on. I hope for the sake of the 32nd district and Roane County we can all move on and stop dwelling in the past. I have lost a election before and know how it feels. But there comes a time when you truly care for the people you represent that you still try to make a difference in your community regardless of being an elected official or not. I believe the true test of a leader is when you leave office you care as much for your community as you did when you are in office.

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