Thursday, July 21, 2011

Are They Setting The Carter Community Up for Failure?

The Knox County School Boards Executive Committee (the Board Chair and Superintendent) have asked for private legal counsel to represent the Board of Education on the NEW Carter Elementary School. Evidently Board Chair Indya Kincannon was unavailable. So, Vice Chair Karen Carson and Superintendent Dr. Jim McIntyre met with the Attorney that Interim Law Director Joe Jarrett recommended on Tuesday July 19, at the meeting Vice Chair Carson and Dr. McIntyre retained the Attorney.

Well, let's see. The envelope please! It is Michael Kelley! Are you kidding me? The former City of Knoxville Law Director that teamed with Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe to steal (through annexation) any decent commercial property in Knox County so that the City received the sales tax revenue. The same city that gave up the city school system to Knox County.

Oh and by the way, in addition to cronyism being alive and well in this appointment. It also has a dash of nepotism. You see Counselor Kelley is the son of Former Second District School Board Member Dr. Paul Kelley. The same guy the school board named the East Towne Mall alternative school after.

So, let's see any legal fees with this engagement will be charged to the Law Director's budget. It is still OUR money. Kelley has discounted his rate to $230 per hour. Are you kidding me? Kelley's primary role will be as a "legal advocate and advisor for the Board of Education in the Carter Elementary School situation. If and when appropriate he will review documents, conduct legal analysis and provide legal opinions to the Board.  He may also be called upon to ensure that the Board's interests are safeguarded in any potential four party agreement between the Board, Knox County, IDB and developer. Finally, he may be called upon to clarify whether the concerns expressed by the Board are addressed in any agreement the Board is asked to vote on, and to answer any legal questions the Board may have about the implications of a potential vote."

While Kelley is retained to represent the Board of Education. Dr. McIntyre has requested that any communication to Kelley by Board Members be copied to him. so that he "might ensure that you get a through and timely answer and so that I might be able to share the information broadly with all Board members." That sounds like an intermediary to the elected members of the Board.

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